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Incident History (Closed)

Cam API Migration

We will be working to migrate our FaxCams FiveM resource API over this weekend. There might be downtime that comes with this which could prevent the script uploading images for a short period.

Update: Update

Our migration is now in progress for our domain, this means the site 'cams.faxes.foo' might not be reachable while DNS propagates.

Full resolution will be within 12 hours.

Update: Resolved

DNS has propagated now. API is back up.

Affected Services: Security Cam API

Tracker Migration

We will be working to migrate our bug and feedback system to a new host over the next 24 hours.

Downtime may occur with the service.

Update: Resolved

The migration was completed over the past weekend and everything is now fully stable.

Affected Services: Bug Tracker

Documentation Migration

We are currently migrating our documentation to a new server to increase load times and response times.

Our documentation may go offline during this period.

Update: Resolved

The migration has now been fully completed.

Affected Services: Documentation

WebPanel Maintenance

We'll be performing some upgrades to our WebPanel service over the next few days.

This will have no impact on any customer-facing services. WebPanel is a staff panel used internally.

Update: Testing

Our panel has now resumed back into service internally.

Update: Resolved

The internal staff panel is now back and stable after a couple weeks of testing.

Affected Services: WebPanel

Bug Tracker Updates

We're updating our bug tracker to a new version, it may appear offline for this duration of time.

Update: Resolved

All upgrades have been completed and the tracker should be back online.

Affected Services: Bug Tracker

Website Maintenance

We're performing some changes to our website. Hopefully this wont take long.

Update: Updated

Our site has now been fully updated. All services are back to normal.

Affected Services: Main Website

It's Update Time

Doing software update on server. Wont be too long.

Update: AU Complete

Our AU server update has completed, we are also updating our US server at this stage as well. Updates to come for that.

Update: Resolved

US server was updated earlier and everything appears to be functioning correctly now.

Affected Services: Main Website, Licensing System, Application Programming Interface, FAXES-AU, Fanta Bot, Content Delivery Network

Main website issues

We’ve been notified of an issue on our main website which is causing it to go offline at times. We’re currently monitoring this behaviour to determine the best action to take.

This does not affect the license system or should cause customer related downtime.

Update: Issue Identified

The cause of two issues have been identified including a potential user security risk. We're working on a resolution.

Update: Resolved

We have pushed a patch which includes a fix for the earlier identified security risk. We're working further to ensure this isn't the case elsewhere on our system.

Affected Services: Main Website, Content Delivery Network

Security & Backup Maintenance

We will be undertaking maintenance to perform some security checks to ensure ongoing data security along with some system backups. No downtime is expected from any services.

Estimated start time .

Affected Services: FAXES-AU, FAXES-US, Content Delivery Network

AU Server Maintenance

We're performing some updates to our AU based server tonight. Services shouldn't be affected by this maintenance. Starting

Update: Finished

Took a bit longer than we desired. On the plus side, no downtime!

Affected Services: FAXES-AU

FAXES-US Upgrade

Our US based server is being upgrade to have more resources for us to use in the future. The expected outage is set to only last 10-20 minutes.

Update: Resolved

All services are back online.

Affected Services: Documentation, Bug Tracker, FAXES-US

Discord Bot Outage

'Fanta Bot' is experiencing uptime issues. Currently it's going on and offline on a constant basis. Until resolved this will be the case.

Affected Services: Fanta Bot


We are doing a domain migration and will have everything moved onto a new domain weblutions.au. This maintenance doesn't have an expected time limit.

Current domains on faxes.zone will be proxied to still work normally for API requests.

This is expected to take place at

Update: Correction on time


Update: Solved

A few days overdue as domain transfers took longer than expected. Everything has now been moved to weblutions.com with ease. No extended downtime reported.

Affected Services: Main Website, Documentation, Licensing System, CDN, FAXES-AU, FAXES-US, Bug Tracker

Dibzer Store Upgrade

DIBZERs store is being updated and tweaked. His store will remain offline while this happens. Updates to come.

Update: Resolved

Downtime is no more, issue resolved.

Affected Services: DIBZER Modifications Website

License System Outage

Our License System is undergoing some maintenance for a short period of time. This should not effect any end-users or products.

This is scheduled to start at

Update: Ongoing

Our updates are still ongoing. However, the our license system should remain online and not effect customers during this period.

We have to conduct some more tests before marking this resolved.

Update: Resolved

Our updates are now completed and issues identified are resolved.

Affected Services: Licensing System

Service Outage

Our AU based server will go offline while we upgrade the hardware within the machine to make it a bit more beefy. As this is the host server for a lot of sites downtime should be as little as possible.

This is expected to occur at .

Update: Starting

We've been sorting our some details with or host with this upgrade.

The upgrade is now starting, updates to come...

Update: Returning

Our upgrade has completed. The license system is back online.

Our store and other related services will return shortly.

Update: Resolved

All services are back online and operational. As our systems still boot up in the background there may be longer page load times for a little while which will be monitored.

Thanks for the patience.

Affected Services: Main Website, Licensing System, CDN, FaxBot, Vanilla Minecraft Server

Emergency Maintenance

Our US server is experiencing issues affecting the physical host.

From host:
We have been alerted to an issue affecting the physical host on which your machine resides. To resolve this, the host requires emergency maintenance that must be performed immediately.

expect emergency maintenance to last between 30 - 60 minutes

Update: Resolved

The issue affecting your Linode's physical host has been resolved, and no further action is required at this time.

Affected Services: Documentation, FAXES-US

Test Related Incident

There is no active incident. This incident is a live test for monitoring and bug enhancement purposes.

Affected Services: Main Website

FAXES-US Downage

An update is scheduled for our US server, this is on the . Downtime is set to last up to an hour with our host and will only affect the documentation site with our services.

Affected Services: Documentation, FAXES-US

Documentation Update

The documentation page is being updated and will be down for a few minutes while this process takes place.

Affected Services: Documentation

License System Update

Our licensing system will be undergoing an update to a new version in the early hours on the 8th FEB 2022. Expected downtime is to be less than a minute.

Affected Services: Licensing System

Major Security Outage

There is a current security outage with out host. While we're down during this period we will be pushing the maintenance from our planned downtime to now while we wait for services to resume.

This is from our host:
Our team has identified the issue affecting the Block Storage service, as well as other issues preventing boots, in our Sydney data center. A fix is in place and is currently being validated.

Updates to come!

Update: License & Status Update

Our License system located at license.faxes.zone. Along with this our status service (this page) is now fully restored.

Update: Store (main site) & CDN update

The main site located at faxes.zone and our CDN has now been restored from the security update.

Update: Documentation update

Our US machines have been updated and are now back online. This also includes the documentation found at docs.faxes.zone.

Update: Restored

All services are now fully restored.

Affected Services: Main Website, Documentation, Licensing System, CDN, FAXES-AU

AU systems reboot

Our AU hosted services (listed below) will be offline for 5 minutes max (on date below) to complete a system reboot and update for security and server health purposes.

Expected downtime to last around 5 minutes max and is on the 7th FEB 2022 12:00 AEDT.
Please be aware that non updated products may experience downtime due to our licensing system being offline as well.

Update: Date moved

As there is a current outage, this planned security work has been moved to now.

Affected Services: Main Website, Licensing System, CDN, FAXES-AU

FaxDocs Outage

Our documentation is currently offline due to a server outage. This is being resolved by the host currently and should be back online within 30 minutes from now.

Update: Resolved

Documentation services are now restored.

Affected Services: Documentation

FAXES US server maintenance

The US server will be going offline for a restart of services along with the server itself.

Update: Reboot Update

Rebooting has completed, services will be returning.

Affected Services: Documentation

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance has begun on my main website. Downtime is expected to be around an hour or so. Updates to follow...

Affected Services: Main Website, CDN

License System Maintenance

The license system is being updated and may be down while this happens.

Update: Resolved:

All license system updates have been performed and tested. There should no longer be downtime.

Affected Services: Licensing System

Minor Outage

A minor service outage. From the looks of it our server provider have had a small outage as multiple servers from the same provider have responded with a timeout.

Update: Resolved:

The servers are now operating normally. We will continue watching over the next few hours.

Update: Resolved:

All services are back online. This will be monitored over the next hours.

Affected Services: Disbot Website, Documentation, Bot Guys Website, [Bot] Calculations, [Bot] Daily Chatter, [Bot] Sticke

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